What if you could have an entire team of incredibly talented and experienced creatives producing content for your church for the price of one typical staff guy? We're talking about a group of experts helping you plan creative message series, create graphics and bumpers, videos of all types, develop your communication systems....the list is endless.

The way it started was one of the coolest churches I've ever been around, Venture Church in Hattiesburg, MS lost their full time video/media/designer guy. They were already in the habit of outsourcing some things, knew us from some other connections and called to ask if we'd be interested in trying to make it work. We had already been working on a similar arrangement with another client and everything fell right in to place. Today, eight years later, it's been one of the most rewarding things we've ever done. We've added many other clients to the program, and all of them, as well as us here at Big Picture Media, couldn't be happier. Since that time we've had long-term partnerships with churches in Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Virginia.

If you want to know more about how we can help your church consistently take it's creative to the next level, simply go to our contact page and let us know. We'd love to talk about how partnership could be the right move for your church. 

"I would have to hire at least three full-time people to replace what BPMG does for us for the price of one. It's a no-brainer."

--Jeff Powell, Creative Director, Venture Church


So here are the nuts and bolts:

  1. For about the same or even less than it would cost for you to hire a full time media person, you can partner with us here at Big Picture Media to take care of all your media needs.
  2. You now have not one single guy, but you have access to our entire team of video producers, writers, graphic designers and all around creatives who bring well over 50 years of high level creative experience to the table.
  3. We come in and participate with all of your high level creative planning every month, helping you to shape, brand and plan everything from big events to your monthly message series and everything in between.
  4. Our long term partnership clients who have had full time media people on staff say that we produce 3-5 times as much content as they did, an amazing boost in productivity. This is due to our years of experience, our efficiency and the high level systems we have in place.
  5. Samples of our work are above and include things like video announcements, message series bumpers, baptism story videos, missions vids, banners, signage, at the movies, year in review vids, vision vids, training vids, special worship elements, videos for your age group ministries, tv and print ads, social media consulting...the list is virtually endless.
  6. You save tens of thousands of dollars on equipment because we already have it all. Cameras, lights, audio gear, green screens, editing systems and software. 
  7. We partner for 12 months at a time and offer some pricing options from the full blown partnership that we're talking about here to some smaller setups if that's more appropriate for your church. We're very flexible and accommodating
  8. We are all about quality, not quantity, which is why we only deal with a few partners at a time. We limit our number of clients so that each one gets the maximum amount of attention from us. We want to hit home runs with a select few, not singles and doubles with the masses.

"The videos and other media BPMG produce are incredible, but the most valuable thing they bring to the table by far is the creativity, experience and insight they add to our long term worship planning." --Jeff Schleyer, XP, New Hope Church

If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity please CLICK HERE and let us know. If you know of a church that may be interested please pass this info along. Our existing partners say their ministries have been drastically impacted by Big Picture Media. What can we do for you?